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blah blah gay movies blah blah

NETFLIX. Oh Netflix, what did I do without you? Right. I had a life.

And without Netflix I never would have been introduced to this lovely gem. Yes. Nazis. AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. (I never finished watching the movie, tyvm)

Anyways. Between my marathon sessions of Brothers & Sisters I've been doing my best to get through the LGBT section. Which... is 90% crap. It's painful. Very painful. BUT AS FOR WHAT I HAVE WATCHED

Judas Kiss - This film presses a very important question that we all must consider: If you ran into your past self would you recognize them, and if not, would you fuck them? ...TIME TRAVEL YEEEAH. And I have to take a moment to lol at the casting. Who do you cast as your resident bad boy? Some Belgian actor that used to host segments on Dutch Disney Channel. And who do you cast for your big doe eyed innocent pure love interest? Brent Corrigan. Overall, okay film, low budget looking in a bad way, acting only slightly embarrassing.

C.R.A.Z.Y. - Ah, French cinema. No, wait, Quebecois cinema. It's not Heartbeats so it can't be that bad. Okay actually, admittedly, I was half asleep when I watched this and despite my super mad subtitle reading abilities, it means I didn't process half of what was happening. It was good from what I remember. Should watch it again.

The Curosity of Chance - If movies were people this movie would be a wannabe hipster that wants to be cool and witty and woefully misunderstood but in a totally hot way but it fails at all of the above. idek.
『Jang Geun Seuk』your tears make me lol

Did you know?

That I primarily used the right side of the spacebar.

I saw someone type the other day and use the caps lock key to capitalize their sentences. Who does that?

My dad's dog is the absolutely cutest sleeper ever. I don't even know what to do. I could spend all day watching him sleep in a cute way, not a creepy way.

Moving in with my dad wasn't as nearly weird as I thought it would be. My mood has been way more stable and I've been marginally more productive.

I've considered carrying around a thesaurus because my vocabulary is pathetic.